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5 reasons to love the Spanish Pyrenees

5 reasons to love the Spanish Pyrenees

Even if you are a fan of beach and mojitos the hot summer weather can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and you may long for some freshness, green forests, cold creeks and green meadows. Some of us feel that we are at our best when we can freely run along mountain trails closer to the sky than the sea, or walk new paths during several days in a row, and some find their energy renewed by having a pick-nick by a mountain waterfall in a flowering meadow. Yet others are addicted to winter sports in this alpine environment with its modern and expansive ski areas. To all of us, the Spanish Pyrenees is the answer to our dreams. Along the border to France, this mountain area is stretching almost all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Here you are far from the traditional idea of what Spain represent: beach, big hotels, bullfighting, Sangría, football stadiums, a dry landscape …

Take a look at the pictures below. I myself love trekking and here I have found my Mekka. Only 2 – 3 hours drive from Barcelona I enter a different world. The peaks reach some 3000 meters and offer as much challenge as you want to take on. Walk on the soft plains and enjoy the little creeks, the flowers, the herbs, the birds … climb higher during a day trip, stay several days in the wilderness during a heavy duty walk-about or even run along the trails – up and down the steep mountainsides. You choose your challenge, but rest assure that whichever path you enter it is well prepared and market and you will find a network of really good mountain huts for a hearty meal and some sleep. Plus you can drink the clear, cold mountain water! Best drink ever!!!

If you love mushroom picking this is the place for you. You´ll find a good variety of tasty treats all year around. Mushroom-picking is a common hobby in Catalonia and there are restaurants dedicated to this specialty (in case you go lazy and want to skip those «first-go-out-and-pick-then-clean-all-the-crop» steps). During spring and summer you will most likely run into plenty of berries also, so keep an extra bag/basket handy – or do like my husband: let the little yummies pass straight from hand to mouth! Looking like a hamster is not a problem out there in the wilderness 😉

There are more than 5 reasons to love the Spanish Pyrenees but let´s start with these:
– easy access from Barcelona. Depending on from where in the region you start driving you will reach the high mountains within a 2 – 3 hours drive.
– easy access to nature. The natural parks are many and enormous. You´ll find plenty of well-prepared paths, both «physically» and on GPS. The Aiguastortas park even offers a beautiful trail prepared for wheelchairs.
– extreme natural beauty and untouched nature.
– a wide offer of outdoor activities for all ages and levels: Skiing (both downhill and Nordic), snowshoeing, trekking, trail running, rafting, canoeing, horse riding, fishing, bird watching, a rich flora, mushroom & berry picking …
– great food to even greater price. You´ll find plenty of awesome, rustic and cozy little restaurants.
– plenty of nice little hotels and hostels. I like to search for new experiences in Booking.com  You can easily find a double room in a cozy little hotel in a picturesque village for around 60 euros or less (including a rich and tasty breakfast!)

Already 6 reasons! And I have not even mentioned THE PEOPLE!!! Friendly, helpful, sweet and humble persons make up the population in the fairy tail villages spread out around this astonishing mountain area.

Let´s dream for a bit. What does your Pyrenee experience look like? What would you prefer to do? What season do you think would be your favorite? Would you perhaps like to have a cabin or apartment of your own, with a splendid mountain view from the living room and a chimney to enjoy during crisp autumn evenings?

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